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Other Integration

Adding Fields to wp_admin

  • add_option_fields() - Function used to add fields to wp_admin. A good example of usage is in class service-contect-form.php or service-bbpress.php

Plugin with Forms

  • front_action() - If plugin has forms (for example contact form) you should add a function which injects consent checkbox which allows processing of data. You should add checkbox template to plugin’s hooks.

    Do not forget about validation for this field. You can use service-bbpress.php::front_action() as an example.

If plugin stores any user data

If plugin stores any user data you should implement following functions:

  • collect() - collects data stored by plugin

  • is_forgettable() - must return true

  • forget() - handle removing data stored for given user

  • breach_recipients_filter() - usually gets all users whose data is stored by plugin

If plugin creates cookies

  • If plugin creates cookies you should list them like in service-google-analytics.php::cookies_to_block_filter().

    It’s a good idea to copy this function and update cookie names and CT_Ultimate_GDPR_Model_Group::LEVEL_

If plugin adds cookies

  • If plugin adds cookies using js functions, use script_blacklist_filter().

    It’s similar to cookies_to_block_filter(). Instead of cookie names, use some unique string which appears in the code.