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Cookies Management

What Cookies are used on your website


Functionality available since version 1.4

You can show a table with all cookies collected by your website with simple shortcode: [render_cookies_list]

Active cookies will be displayed in a table, like the following:



Your website should be publicly accessible to correctly detect all cookies that are used on it

Whitelist Cookies

When a scenario that the set default privacy group is ‘Block All’ and the user will select ‘Block All’ cookie, the user will see the cookie popup over and over since the user blocked saving cookies and there is no way for the system to know that the user already accepted the cookie consent.

Whitelist cookies are cookies that are allowed even if you choose to Block all cookies in the site.

You can add whitelisted cookies in Ultimate GDPR & CCPA > Cookie Consent > Preferences:


This way you can allow selected cookies to be accepted even if cookie setting is set to ‘Block All’.