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Content Protection

This feature is used by using this shortcode: [ultimate_gdpr_protection level=4] & [/ultimate_gdpr_protection]

This feature will hide any content inside the shortcode unless the cookie group chosen by the user of the site will meet the requirements of the shortcode.


To add the shortcode in the page, follow this format:

[ultimate_gdpr_protection level=4]CONTENT[/ultimate_gdpr_protection]


The level in [ultimate_gdpr_protection level=4] is the cookie group condition that needs to be meet for the blur to clear.

Level Cookie Group
1 Essentials
2 Functionality
3 Analytics
4 Advertising

A label/notice will be shown in front of the blurred area.


You can customize the label/notice in Ultimate GDPR & CCPA > Cookie Consent > Preference tab, under Protection shortcode.


Sample when condition is meet