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Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy



To customize the buttons for Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, you have 2 options: Theme Default or Cookie box buttons

  • Theme Default

    This is the default button design that your WP theme is using. It will give you a uniform look to your site.

  • Cookie box buttons

    This option is using the same button design as the Cookie consent. Which you can change in Ultimate GDPR & CCPA > Cookie Consent > Preference Tab.



    When you change the look in the Preference Tab, it will not just change the buttons for Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. It will affect the look of the buttons for Cookie consent.

Bot Detection

Detect whether a bot (Google bot) or a human enters the site and enforce the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

You can add the bot name in:

  • Terms and Conditions - Ultimate GDPR & CCPA > Terms and Conditions > Do not block user agents (eg. bots) containing the following texts (comma separated)
  • Privacy Policy - Ultimate GDPR & CCPA > Privacy Policy > Do not block user agents (eg. bots) containing the following texts (comma separated)


You can see the bot database here

Right to be Forgotten


This feature will show the plugins that are integrated in Ultimate GDPR that gather data from the users.

Changing the Text in Forgotten Form


You can change the Name and Description that will be shown in the Forget Me tab of the GDPR shortcode.

To customize the text in the form for Right to be Forgotten, go to Ultimate GDPR & CCPA > Services.

Look for the service that you would like to change.


For this example, we’ll use WooCommerce.


Add the Changes that you want, then click on the Save Changes button.

It should reflect in the form:


Modify Right to be Forgotten Form

There are 2 ways to remove an option in the Right to be Forgotten form.



This example will remove the WP Comment from the Right to be Forgotten form.

  1. Adding a filter in the functions.php of the theme that is used


    Add this filter in the file:

    add_filter( 'ct_ultimate_gdpr_model_services_default', 'my_services' );
    function my_services( $services ) {
    foreach( $services as $key => $val ) {
    if ( $val == 'CT_Ultimate_GDPR_Service_WP_Comments' ) {
    unset( $services[ $key ] );
    return $services;
  2. Overwrite the Shortcode’s template

    Create a Php file in your theme with a file name: shortcode-myaccount.php


    Then add this code in the file:

    /** @var CT_Ultimate_GDPR_Service_Abstract $service */
    foreach ( $options['services'] as $service ):
    if ( $service->get_id() == 'wp_comments' ) :
    <div class="ct-ultimate-gdpr-service-options">
    <div class="ct-ultimate-gdpr-service-option">
    <input type="checkbox" name="ct-ultimate-gdpr-service-forget[]"
    value="<?php echo esc_attr( $service->get_id() ); ?>">
    <div class="ct-ultimate-gdpr-service-details">
    <div class="ct-ultimate-gdpr-service-title"><?php echo esc_html( $service->get_name() ); ?></div>
    <div class="ct-ultimate-gdpr-service-description"><?php echo esc_html( $service->get_description() ); ?></div>
    <?php endforeach; ?>