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Translate Using WPML Plugin

To use this option, you need to have installed WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML Plugin), which you can buy here.


This plugin isn’t part of the GDPR & CCPA Plugin bundle, to use this function you must have the WPML Plugin.

To be able to fully integrate the translation functionality of WPML plugin:

  • Install the WPML Plugin in your site. Once installed, activate these plugins:

  • You will be asked to setup the WPML Plugin after you have installed it.


To be able to translate all the String content of GDPR & CCPA plugin, go to WPML > Theme and plugins localization. In Localization options, choose any of the first 2 options in How to translate strings in themes and plugins?.

  • Go to WPML > Theme and plugins localization, scroll down ang look for Ultimate GDPR & CCPA under Strings in the plugins. Click the checkbox at the side and click on Scan selected plugins for strings button at the bottom of the page.

  • This should scan all the string in the plugin.

  • Go to WPML > String Translation, click on the drop-down box for Select strings within domain and look for the domain for Ultimate GDPR & CCPA.


    The strings in Ultimate GDPR & CCPA are separated by parts.

    • admin_texts_ct-ultimate-gdpr-cookie - The strings in the cookie advance settings.
    • ct-ultimate-gdpr - Other string use by the plugin.
  • You can click Display all results to show all the string available for translation.

  • Choose a string to translate, click translations and add the translation of the string by language.

  • Once you are done translating, click the check box for Translation is complete then click the Save button for the languages.

  • Go to Pages and create a new page for the translated pages. For the popup, once you have translated the strings, it should automatically translate.

  • If you already have pages created, click on the page created. Look for the Language section of the page. Click on the plus sign for the language you would like translate. This will open a page to create a translated version of the page of the language.

  • Go to Appearance > Menu and create a new menu for the pages.

  • If you already have menus created, choose a menu to add to the translated language site. Click on Synchronize menus between languages, Click on the Sync button.

  • You will see the changes on the site.

Sample English


Sample Polish