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Blocking Cookies

Why are some cookies not Blocked?

These are some of the reasons why this happens:

  • User have visited the site before the plugin was activated.

    We don’t want to block all the cookies since the user already interacted with the site.

    These cookies are saved in the users computer and could be removed by clearing the computer’s cache history.

  • Cookie is essential for the site to work. (example: PHP session)

    These are cookies that are needed for your site to work properly. These cookies are usually added in the cookie whitelist.

    To know more about Cookie Whitelist, read this part of the documentation.

  • The cookie is a “third party” type.

    Opposite to a “first party” cookie, a “third party” cookie couldn’t be block using standard programmatical methods.

    The only way to do it is to prevent the script that is adding the cookie from initializing.

    We’re trying to find ways to do so, but there are some rare occasions that it isn’t possible/difficult to block such scripts.


    You can read more information about third party cookies here.

    • The cookies are created by other plugins that are not integrated with Ultimate GDPR & CCPA.

      Cookies that are generated by the active plugins in the site.


How to remove cookies that are generated before plugin is installed?

It’s not always possible to remove existing cookies. For example “third-party” cookies cannot be removed programmatically. The only way to “block” them is to prevent them from creating.

Users can also remove them manually, by going to the browser settings and clear cookies there (users can also use CTRL + Shift + Delete shortcut to open the browser settings for clear cookies).